Fastcom®: X-Sync Protocol™

Exclusive to our Sync Com™ and FSCC product lines, the Fastcom®: X-Sync Protocol™ is a unique and flexible way of formatting synchronous data frames.  Essentially a completely user definable frame format.  Fastcom®:  X-Sync Protocol™ also allows a programmer to interface to existing synchronous systems (and legacy systems) that don’t use standard synchronous protocols. Fastcom®:  X-Sync Protocol™ may be used to design unique data protocols that are not decodable by any standard interface adapter on the market today.  The Fastcom® X-Sync Protocol™ is not available on any other synchronous serial interface in the industry.  Fastcom®: X-Sync™ features include:

  • Different line encodings, like: NRZ, NRZI, FM0, FM1, Manchester, Differential Manchester
  • 0-4 bytes for opening and closing flags
  • 0-32 bits of masking for opening and closing flags
  • Different opening and closing flags
  • Shared opening and closing flags for each frame, or individual flags for each
  • Different order of bit transmission, such as LSB or MSB
  • A variety of CRC methods, e.g. CRC-8, CRC-16, CRC-32, CRC-CCITT
  • Address checking for each frame
  • Zero insertion (insert a 0 after five consecutive 1’s)
  • One insertion (insert a 1 after seven consecutive 0’s)
  • Signal polarity
  • Frame syncing signals